May 11, 2013

New Page Kits Posted 2013

Page Kit Heaven Introduced
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Premade Pages!!!

Hey everyone I have new page kits posted on Page Kit Heaven. All my kits are premade all you have to do is just add photos. Some of the kits I have two of the same but most of them are just custom to the theme. ( So sometimes its only one.) If you want to purchase a layout. Just go to the page kit heaven link, just write down the inventory number, email me at I will send you an invoice, with all the payment information on it. Hope you enjoy them I have several of them for different seasons. Below are a couple of kits that I sold at a weekend retreat. Tina bought them and used them right away. Have a great week!!!

Hunted House (left) 2-page layout

Hunted House(right) 2 -page layout

Squeeky Clean ( 2 page layout)



Patti B said...

Love this LO. You did a fabulous job.

Brandi Oliver said...

I love this blog!!! Keep up the good work!